A Letter from Fayetteville Public Utilities' CEO/General Manager, Britt Dye

The Spirit of Giving


 Family traditions. Holiday feasts. Community events. Christmas programs. These are all things in which we participate during the holiday season, but perhaps the one thing that draws us together as neighbors and as a community during the holiday season is the spirit of giving.

Like anyone else, Fayetteville Public Utilities and our employees take this time of year to reach out to those who need a little extra help during the holidays and share with others the goodness that we have been blessed to receive.

There are many worthy charitable organizations and fund-raising drives during the holiday season, and I hope that you have one that’s important to you. Each year, FPU and our employees sponsor and assist with several charitable organizations, one of which is the local Good Samaritan Association of Lincoln County.

In 1989, FPU (then Fayetteville Electric System) partnered with Good Samaritan to offer a program called Project Help. This program helps local residents who receive social security or disability income and are unable to pay for their heating costs during winter months. Project Help is supported by monthly dontations of a dollar or more from FPU customers and employees, and with one-time donations from local clubs, organizations and individuals. Together we are able to make sure that those in need stay warm during the winter. 

Last year, from October through the end of March, Project Help was able to assist qualifying applicants with nearly $10,500 in heating costs during a time when they needed extra financial assistance.

Assistance from Project Help not only applies to FPU electric and natural gas bills, but also goes to help purchase propane, wood and other qualifying heating sources.

Giving to Project Help and knowing that you’re helping a family stay warm this winter is as much of a comfort to those who give as it is to those it helps.

The holiday season certainly prompts many to give. Maybe you purchase gifts for children in need. Maybe you drop a few dollars in the Salvation Army’s bucket or give of your time to visit with those who need a friend. Whatever you do in the spirit of giving, like FPU, do it because you care and because you are grateful for the opportunity to share your blessings with someone else.

Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” One way we can all serve others this holiday season is to give, and give generously, to programs like Project Help, the Harvest of Hope Food Drive, the Fayetteville/Lincoln County Toy Drive and other worthy charity organizations that put others above self.