A Letter from Fayetteville Public Utilities' CEO/General Manager, Britt Dye

New year brings changes, opportunities for growth

Brit Dye, CEO


Benjamin Franklin said it best. “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

He’s right. Unless we constantly work to improve the services we provide our customers and community, we achieve marginal results.

Fayetteville Public Utilities has a long-standing history of improving the services we provide. Each month, our articles in The Tennessee Magazine inform you about FPU’s work progress in all departments.

The February 2016 magazine issue is no different. In fact, much of the February issue is dedicated to two of our most recent opportunities to improve the services we provide. In this issue, you will read about our recent service practice policy changes, which are also posted to FPU’s website. You will also read about a possible opportunity for FPU to expand broadband Internet service in rural parts of our community.

I urge you to read each article as the information affects you directly as a customer of FPU and as a resident of our community. For FPU to qualify for the broadband Internet service expansion, we need your participation in a statewide assessment of broadband access and use in this area.

I also encourage you to read about the changes in FPU’s policies. We purchase electricity from the Tennessee Valley Authority, which then regulates the way we conduct business at our local electric utility. TVA supplies electric power to all 95 counties in Tennessee as well as to portions of six other states in the south and Southeast, enforcing policy standards Valley-wide. Power distribution, electric rates, deposits, accounting procedures, and quality of service are just a few of the areas that fall under TVA’s regulation.

TVA annually reviews FPU’s financial records and customer account handling to ensure that proper bookkeeping and customer care are provided by our employees.

The FPU Board of Directors approved the updated service practice policies in October 2015. They became effective January 1.

If you have questions about any of these changes, please contact an FPU customer service representative at (931) 433-1522.

Our goal is to always provide the best service to our customers. Safety, reliability and affordability are at the top of our priority list, but treating all customers the same is equally important so that everyone receives the best customer care possible from FPU.