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February 2015

In the February 2015 issue, you'll follow the construction progress of FPU's new Water Treatment Plant.

December 2014

Inside the December 2014 issue, you'll read about FPU receiving TVA's Top Performer award, plans for our new water treatment plant, the new Watch TV Everywhere service, and other articles t

October 2014

In this issue, you'll read about FPU's progress with the Tanyard Branch and Laten Bottom wastewater upgrades and the utility's seventh year of postitive net position.

August 2014

Read about current utility scams, the Howell Water Tank progress and upgrades to the Highway 110 natural gas regulator station. This month also features the 2014 Youth Tour, 4-H Electric Camp,

June 2014

Inside the June issue, you'll read about FPU's Red Flag Rule that protects customer information, about the Youth Leadership Summit, the importance of tree trimming and about how FPU teaches

April 2014

The April 2014 issue includes an article featuring recent system improvements made possible by FPU's commitment to service excellence.

February 2014

This issue highlights FPU's employees for receiving service awards, the Student Utility Board and Board Member Paul Richardson.

December 2013

In this issue you will read about the Howell Water Tank replacement progress, how FPU lends a helping hand to the community and our recent safety inspections.

October 2013

Inside the October 2013 issue, you'll read about how FPU works to exceed your expectations for service, the completion of the Holman Hill Water Tank, and FPU's FY13 financials.

August 2013

In this issue are highlights from the annual Washington Youth Tour, an update on the Holman Hill Water Tank construction, fiscal year 2014 work projects and more.

June 2013

In the June issue you'll read about several of FPU's youth programs, system improvements, our 2012 Water Quality Report and how electric linemen across the nation were recognized for their

April 2013

Learn how to prepare for outages, FPU's Budget Billing Payment Plan and our Medic Alert Program.

February 2013

Read about our 12 recent retirees, our employees who received service awards and about our CEO/general manager and board members who have received awards and recognition in recent weeks.

December 2012

Our December issue highlights FPU's moratorium lifting, energy efficiency award, Student Utility Board activities and more.

October 2012

In the October issue, you'll read about FPU's statement of revenues and expenses and see how each dollar is spent.

August 2012

Read all about the experiences that Meghan Sullenger and Reagan Eldridge had on the 2012 Washington Youth Tour.

June 2012

The June issue addresses electric rates and rising costs of providing electric service.

April 2012

This month's issue includes articles about FPU's Budget Billing catch-up month, the Student Utility Board and cross connection and backflow hazards.

February 2012

FPU plays a key role in our community. Learn how we help make a difference in Fayetteville and Lincoln County in this issue.

December 2011

Take a look back at the FPU accomplishments for 2011 and also read about our large Generation Partners solar generation.

October 2011

In the October issue, you'll learn about FPU's 2011 financials, the new Student Utility Board, and more.

August 2011

In this issue you'll read about the annual Washington Youth Tour, what's planned for FPU's new fiscal year, and more. 

June 2011

Inside this issue you'll read more about the new TVA seasonal demand rate structure and how it will affect your electric bill. You'll also learn how to protect your drinking water, about the April to

April 2011

FPU prepares for the first month reflecting TVA's seasonal rate charge. We also honor the memory of Todd McAlister, a 24-year employee of our Water Treatment Plant who died on Feb. 3rd.

February 2011

Read more about the changes in TVA electric rates, an update on sewer issues, about FPU's Student Utility Board and employee service awards.



December 2010

In this issue, FPU is honored as the Chamber's Business of the Year, the Park City telecom expansion begins, foremen complete academy training, the FPU board receives certification, and more.

October 2010

FPU celebrates 75 years of rural electrification in Lincoln County.

August 2010

Read about the 2010 Washington Youth Tour, how FPU is working to control rates, and about FPU connecting fiber to county schools and electric substations.


June 2010

In this issue you'll read about FPU's progress with water and sewer system improvements, the Green Schools Program, our new Student Utility Board, and other youth programs offered by the utility.

April 2010

This month we focus on how FPU has a long history of building stronger communities. Also read how technology and teamwork improve service at the utility.

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